Comparison of the Effects of Core Stability and Balance Exercise on Static and Dynamic Balance and Q-angle of the Students with Genu Varum




Genu Varum, Balanced exercises, Core stability exercises


Introduction: Genu Varum is one of the most widespread lower limb abnormalities in male young adults. Therefore, this study aimed to compare the effects of balance exercises and core stability exercises on static balance, dynamic balance, rang of motion, muscular endurance and Q-angle in students with Genu Varum.

Methods: The statistical population of the study consisted of forty-five 15 to 18-year-old high school students from Mashhad with Genu Varum who divided into three homogeneity groups. At first, pre-test, McGill protocol, Y-test in three directions, tandem test, star test and parenthesis score evaluated. Then, a group of core stability exercises, received Nissari and Qasemi standard protocols (1393), and one group received balance exercises, including the standard protocol of Razavi et al. (1394), and the control group did not exercise any training. Then the post-test done.

Results: The findings of the study showed that balance exercises and core stability exercises significantly affect the improvement of static balance, dynamic balance, range of motion, muscular endurance and Q-angle. There is also no difference between the degree of effectiveness of balance exercises and core stability training.

Conclusions: Based on the findings, it can be concluded that balancing exercises and core stability can improve the abnormalities of parenthesis and balance knee in students and athletes, and can be used in the physical education curriculum.

Keywords: Genu Varum, Balanced exercises, Core stability exercises.


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