Duplicate Publications

In the event that the authors' previously published figures and/or data are included in a submitted manuscript, it is incumbent upon the corresponding author to (i) identify the duplicated material and acknowledge the source on the submission form, (ii) obtain permission from the original publisher (i.e., copyright owner), (iii) acknowledge the duplication in the figure legend, and (iv) cite the original article.

The following do not preclude submission to, or publication by IJHS journal:

  • Posting of a method/protocol on a public website
  • Posting of a limited amount of original data on a personal/university/corporate website or websites of small collaborative groups working on a problem
  • Deposit of unpublished sequence data in a public database
  • Preliminary disclosures of research findings as meeting posters, webcast as meeting presentations, or published in abstract form as adjuncts to a meeting, e.g., part of a program
  • Posting of theses and dissertations on a personal/university-hosted website.