Assessing Neighborhood Satisfaction as a Livability Indicator in a Historic Quarter: Esfanjan Neighborhood, Semnan, Iran


Background: Satisfaction with neighborhood environment in historic quarters is a major indicator of livability and urban quality of life in these quarters, yet little research has been conducted on neighborhood satisfaction in historic contexts of Iranian cities. This descriptive-analytical study aimed to evaluate the level of the neighborhood (outdoor living spaces) satisfaction and determinants contribute to it in Esfanjan historic neighborhood, Semnan city, Iran.

Methods: Determinants of neighborhood satisfaction were collected through a comprehensive literature review, organized in a questionnaire form, and distributed among 215 residents of the neighborhood using the convenience sampling method. The Likert scale was used to express satisfaction levels and the Pearson correlation test in SPSS software was used to measure the level of satisfaction and the relationship between influenced factors and neighborhood satisfaction.

Results: The results show that the level of neighborhood satisfaction in the Esfanjan quarter is low and there is a meaningful relationship between all determinant categories and satisfaction. The most significant relationship is related to physical-spatial, functional-structural, socio-cultural, and individual-contextual factors respectively. Among functional-structural factors, maintenance; among physical-spatial factors, quality of access routes; among socio-cultural factors, social interaction and participation; and among individual-contextual factors length of habitation have the strongest correlation with neighborhood satisfaction.

Conclusions: This study reveals the importance of good design as the chief factor that influences neighborhood satisfaction in this historic quarter. It also suggests some measures and strategies achieve a more livable urban environment in Esfanjan historic quarter based on neighborhood satisfaction.

Key words: Livability; Urban Quality of Life; Neighborhood Satisfaction Determinants; Urban Redevelopment; Historic Quarters; Esfanjan Neighborhood

Oct 10, 2021
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